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Allegra Patterns, Furniture manufacturers in Kerala

We manufacture and provide superior quality solid wood furniture solutions required for homes and offices. Our intend is to distribute our furniture through the showrooms and dealers network. Allegra Patterns possess a vide range of furniture required for homes and offices which include Cots, Wardrobes, Dressing units, Dining tables, Chairs, Coffee tables, Wooden Sofas, Cloth Sofas, Synthetic leather sofas, etc. Our expertise in sourcing high quality materials and our hands-on expertise in manufacturing the best of quality furniture is our forte.

We are capable and have scalable manufacturing facilities in Kerala to supply large quantities required for the target audience on a regular basis. Attractive pricing, and guaranteed product quality are always been our unique selling points.

Attractive pricing patterns


Timely products delivery


Ensuring the best of quality products


Customised furniture designs and manufacturing


Allegra Group

Allegra Patterns Private Limited

Solid wood furniture manufacturing

Allegra Designs Private Limited

Interior Furnishing Company

Allegra Homes Private Limited

Construction Company

Why Allegra Patterns is the best option for your furniture needs

1. Top Notch Professionalism

We deliver professional and quality service every time.

2. Quality Products

Proficient designers make creative designs happen

3. Many Happy Clients

We relish the joy of making happy customers

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